kozhya Story -

It is time to purify skin care. For all skin types.

Skin treatment inspired by nature and enhanced by technology.

Life is stressful. Your skin feels it too.  This is the story of how Yoanna decided to take action and give skin relief from the stress that ages it. This superb blend of pure ingredients, delivered in a micro-particle jet stream, is the result.

Welcome to Kozhya.

To create KOZHYA we spent over 2 years with cosmetic scientists, engineers and estheticians  with a goal to create an on-the-go, natural but powerful skin care solution. 


We created a skincare ritual that leverages ingredients from nature, backed by science, and with proven benefits and results. We want you to feel empowered as we do. Skin care is now in your hands, not on your fingertips.

Yoanna Gouchtchina, Founder of KOZHYA


In my 20 years of experience in development of cosmetic formulations, this technology & approach to development is one of a kind. I believe this technology can revolutionize the cosmetic industry.

 DR. Ullrich Bern, Doctor of Cosmetic Science, Germany

The KOZHYA AIR device, paired with KOZHYA serum, lifts and rejuvenates the skin using micro-particle technology. The action of this particulate jet-stream relaxes the underlying muscles, de-stressing the skin. The  result is a lessening of fine lines and a healthy, radiant glow.

The touch-free application with KOZHYA AIR is convenient, portable, anti-bacterial, and does not waste product on your fingertips.

Kozhya Air changes
skin care for ever.

Our team is creating reliable skin care products for new era consumers who are seeking high-tech, time-saving solutions with powerful results.  

„Professional skin care anywhere, any time“

Supported by L‘Oreal Open Innovations Program

In Your Skin,
Not On Your Fingertips

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