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Kozhya Starter Kit

Upgrade your daily skincare routine and benefit from active skin care ingredients at cell level. No need to layer and measure your serum.  All around activation with pleasant spa-like sensation.  Naturally healthy skin. 

Active Serum

The product is filled with natural beauty booster, peptides, and miracle moisturisers.  It provides strong anti-aging, defence, and longevity properties.  Packaged as a 2-weeks supply it is set to accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.  

Measurable Scientific Results

Kozhya introduces the scientifically proven advantage of micro particle delivery to a daily skincare routine .The pressure of the particle stream delivery causes a deeper penetration of small particles—in our case, active serum ingredients—into the skin providing it with “nutrition”.  Additionally, this increases microcirculation which enhances the rejuvenation processes.

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More refreshed skin
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More elastic skin
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Reduced fine lines
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More nourished skin
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Less pore clogging

Kozhya Fits into your Lifestyle

KOZHYA AIR is designed to fit our busy work schedule, weekend with the kids, travel, preparation for a night out, or simply pampering yourself.

Your skincare is in your hands,
not on your fingertips

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